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Created 24-Aug-2017
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Job Title Leaf stone is rich in resources

Pyrophyllite is a kind of clay minerals, natural pure pyrophyllite mineral aggregate production is rare, generally by similar minerals were aggregated output, often with quartz, kaolinite, Ultrafine Mill , ground stone, Sericite and kyanite, andalusite, corundum and other minerals symbiotic. Pyrophyllite ore often yellowish, milk gray, gray and green and other colors, if the iron oxide or mercury, it appears brown red or blood red. Waxy luster, slippery, often dense block, leaf-like, variants with radial. Ultra-fine milling machine: processing leachite special mill equipment.

First, the distribution of pyrophyllite

The main origin of the pyrophyllite is widely found in Jiangxi Shangrao Gaizhou - Longmen orefield, Zhejiang Shangyu Liang Ao pyrophyllite - kaolinite deposit, Zhejiang Linhai Duzhi wax pyroxene - kaolinite deposit, Beijing Mentougou - Pyrophyllite deposit and Zhejiang Lin'an Yushan Hill mine - pyrophyllite deposit.

Second, the use of pyrophyllite

The use of pyrophyllite and its characteristics are closely related, mainly for refractory materials, ceramic materials and carving raw materials; followed by rubber products, cosmetics, pesticides and other fillers and carriers. The new use of pyrophyllite is for the coating, but also the production of good raw materials, can also be used to make white cement. At present, pyrophyllite has been widely used in the fields of handicrafts, ceramics, refractory materials, glass making, paper making, plastic making and rubber making.

Third, the choice of pyrophyllite milling equipment

R series of Ultrafine Mill and HCQ series of milling machine leachite powder commonly used equipment. R series of pyrophyllite milling machine is a ring, roll grinding combined with air flow screening, pneumatic conveying form of milling equipment, is the traditional Raymond Mill. A series of improvements to the model, with dry continuous milling, particle size distribution, fineness continuously adjustable, compact structure and so on. Finished fineness can be arbitrarily selected between 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh). HCQ series of pyrophyllite mill than the traditional R-type tilting mill production increased by 30% -50%. With the maintenance-free roller assembly and the new plum structure, the equipment is more reliable, the maintenance is more convenient, the configuration pipeline, the fan system is reduced, the wind resistance and the wall wear are reduced, and the production stability is improved. Finished fineness can be 0.18mm-0.022mm (80-600 mesh) between the arbitrary adjustment. The product is R-type milling machine replacement products.

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