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Created 29-Aug-2017
Owner lingeriechina
Job Title Jessica Simpson under fire for sharing photo of daughter in lingerie china
Description Jessica Simpson under fire for sharing photo of daughter in lingerie china "She's a doll but with all the crazies Wholesale Bikini on social media, not sure it's the best picture to post of your little girl," one person wrote.You might think she was talking about paedophiles, but she could just as easily have been talking about the people with nothing better to do than tell celebrities that they're awful people. "Put some clothes on that kid," said one bossy commenter Wholesale Corsets who has clearly never been to the beach. "People can download this photo and have it themselves, do you really want that?""These pictures should be kept private and NOT POSTED to social media," wrote another critic who felt this situation serious enough to introduce capitalisation to illustrate their point. "Parents should never post pictures of their children, especially girls, in swimming attire or underwear." Just days after the internet lost sexy lingerie supplier its collective mind because David Beckham kissed daughter Harper on the lips, the internet police are offering their helpful parenting advice to Jessica Simpson, who shared a picture of her 5-year-old daughter Maxwell in a bikini. The photo shows Maxwell, clearly having a lovely time, riding her scooter in a bikini and helmet, with the caption, "Safety first!" Jessica had her defenders wholesale Christmas costumes too, of course. That's what we love about the internet.One supporter wrote, "Why is Jessica Simpson being blamed for the creeps of the world? A mama can't try to predict what will set a creep off, all she can do is love and be true to her babies."Another summed it up succinctly, "Cute picture. Live your life. Don't live in fear due to crazies in the world."
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