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Created 05-Sep-2017
Owner jwen4568
Title while the machine is not equipped with blade
Description We know that the mining industry is not only high pollution, but also high energy consumption. In the production process, xzm ultrafine mill also has a very good energy saving effect. The machine avoids the use of high energy consumption of the blower, but the installation of energy consumption is only 10% of the mill dust machine, while the machine is not equipped with blade and other components, but the use of high-speed rotating parts and media production force to complete the crushing effect. These are very good control of the entire mill running the required energy, saving energy, also indirectly reduce the cost of equipment use. This new type of ultrafine mill is aimed at the industry's existing milling equipment defects, the improvement of the traditional mill products. Shanghai Shi Bang production of ultrafine milling equipment design is reasonable, compact structure, energy efficient, low failure rate, stable operation, low noise. And have the original iron protection function, for some accidental access to the body of foreign body, there is a good automatic emergency treatment, to avoid high-speed operation, any small foreign body on the equipment of great damage. At the same time, the aircraft as a whole sealed, no dust spill, to meet the national environmental requirements, has become the milling industry, the preferred equipment for processing abrasive materials.
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