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Created 08-Sep-2017
Owner runschool
Title Four-day double XP event is coming with neverwinter astral diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 and items sale
Description A Four-day double XP event will soon start in the console versions of Cryptic Studios' MMORPG Your character and any companions will enjoy double XP for the following tasks: 1.XP gained from killing creatures in game. 2.XP rewards from quests. 3.XP rewards from invocation. Companions will also gain double XP. Four-day double XP event is coming with neverwinter astral diamonds and items sale Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to gain double XP as you progress through the game. The event starts on Thursday, September 7th at 10 a.m. PT and will end Monday, September 11th at 10 a.m. PT.Consoles have to resist the Celeste temptation as well, but have a massive shop sale and ZEN charge bonus coming their way. In combination with the return of the Glorious Resurgence lockbox (drop rates!) and Double Enchantment it makes for an interesting weekend for the Xbox and PS4 crowd, which of course also still fight the Cult of the Dragon at the siege event as well.Xbox One X HDR Implementation Requires Two Sets of Images, PS4 Handles It Automatically – Raiders of the Broken Planet Welcome to using 5% discount sale buying neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOXone/PS4 from with fast delivery now! While,Safewow new member systerm is online now:Never miss being a safewow member and get extra 2%-10% discount for buying any Products. Safewow neverwinter astral diamonds link: .
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