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Created 11-Sep-2017
Owner safewow2017
Title how to gain Swtor2credit 2x Reward Points for swtor credits from September 7 to September 14
Description I suppose they also take “getting your taoken back” into account” as “wining”, and to be fair, that is over 14% more likely with the buff than without. And you’re around 16% less likely to lose your coin can buy the cheapest swtor credits from Swtor2credits.

Your mileage, however, may vary – mine certainly did. My juggernaut lost his hard- won Kingpin’s Casino token on the first go 4 times in a row with the “Feeling Lucky” buff. I felt about as lucky as the Scorpio Killer felt at the end of Dirty Harry. Then my Operative went in, spent less than 10% of what the Juggernaut spent on tokens, and won two speeder jackpots. RNGs are a cruel mistress.

To buy Kingpin’s Casino tokens directly is not an economical idea. I once bought hundreds of thousands of credit’s worth of Kingpin’s Casino, at 50,000 credits each, and used up all of them almost immediately before Ifigured out the much more financially – viable strategy of playing the cheap machines to get the expensive machine tokens. 50,000 credits buy 50 Smuggler’s Luck tokens, and you can turn that into a good fistful of Kingpin’s Casino tokens, instead of getting just one by buying it directly. I spent and lost around 800,000 credits in a matter of minutes. it would have taken much, much longer to burn through that much money buying only the Smuggler’s Luck tokens, and instead of ending up with only 6 Gold Certificates for all that money, I probably would have ended up with far more.

Obviously, the ultimate goal for everyone is to get new mounts: the slick retro-style Vectron Magnus speeders, which kinda look like scaled-down late-40’s Chevy Coupes, or the Kingpin’s Rancor, which kinda looks like a rancor, are the big-ticket items. Some folks have lucked out and won those almost right away, others have spent hundreds of thousands of credits and gotten only the Gold Certificates.

The Gold Certificate prizes are alright. The gear has a “classic mobster” vibe, with blaste rifles clearly modeled after the Thompson M1921 submachine gun (also knoun as the “Tommy Gun” or the “Chicago Typewriter”). The armor pieces are re-skinned high-level Smuggler gear.

This event is more likely a cut-and-dreid credit sink.whatever, the house will be the last winner – even if you’re one of the lucky few who wins the rancor mount right away, there are hundreds of other playerplinking token after token into the machiens and get nothing.

Guys! offrers 2x Reward Points for Members as gift when buy Swtor credits start from September 7 to September 14,2017.What's more,the Reward Points can be used as cash.

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