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Created 10-Apr-2018
Owner rxz123
Title Stefan Matteau Golden Knights Jersey
Description Have you had your first heart scare yet? It usually starts with pains in the chest T.J. Tynan Golden Knights Jersey , perhaps breathlessness or pains in the arm? But you gave up smoking several years ago and you always keep fit,exercising two to three times per week. So what has happened? You are now in the loop having all those tests and that cocktail of drugs the doctors has you on. Well you don't want to take them but you've no choice really have you? You are feeling scared but you don't want to admit it. Don't feel bad Stefan Matteau Golden Knights Jersey , you're just normal and something is happening to you that is outside your control and you are just trying to make some sense of it. Well that was my experience too pretty scary I can tell you. I've been very active all of my life. I played soccer from being a youth and then took to playing squash and racquet ball. True I had smoked for years but it's more than twenty since I gave up. I had chest pains down the middle of my chest. My doctor who knew my history and my activity levels checked my heart and said it's probably o.k. but I should go to the clinic for more thorough tests. He was right of course but that was the start. I entered the clinical process 'THE LOOP' as I like to call it. Getting into 'THE LOOP' was easy, getting out was the hardest thing in the world. After all the tests and the endless waiting and worrying (including an angiogram) I was told I had an artery that was 70% blocked. What did that mean? The doctors still hadn't related my pains to a heart condition. I told them I'd had a couple of injuries playing soccer but it made no difference. It took six months for them to decide to just leave me on a cocktail of drugs and wait and see what would happen. The drugs of course were the insurance policy-the just in case whether I needed them or not. The pharmaceutical companies would be grateful for that prognosis but I wasn't. The hardest part of the whole process was getting to grips with the psychological aspects of the experience. Was I now subhuman? How were people looking at me? Had my life changed for ever? Would ever get my health back? It is a very difficult thing to buck the system to take responsibility for your own health but you can do it.
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