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Created 10-Apr-2018
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Description Hestair Kiddicraft Ltd., Fisher-Price's new British subsidiary, is a perfect match Marlboro Red Cigarettes for the East Aurora manufacturer because it makes high-quality toys with low price tags, industry observers say. The $20.8 million acquisition of Kiddicraft eight weeks ago couldn't have come at a better time for Fisher-Price. Retailers have been complaining that the company's products are too expensive and that it needed a new toy line to combat competition from other manufacturers, who are introducing Marlboro Lights 100S inexpensive toys for infants and preschoolers. David B. Fisher, the East Aurora toy maker's executive vice president, described Kiddicraft as the perfect weapon for Fisher-Price to use to fight back against competitors like Playskool and Little Tikes. "This acquisition represents a strategic investment for Fisher-Price which will strengthen our position as the leading manufacturer of infant and preschool toys both in Europe and the United States," he said. Fisher-Price will produce the Kiddicraft line in the United States as well as in Great Britain,Fisher said, noting Cigarettes Wholesale no decision has yet been made about whether any of the new toys will be manufacturered in Western New York. Kiddicraft employs 175 people and has manufacturing facilities in Bristol and Newport, England. Twenty-two of Kiddicraft's more than 75 toys were unveiled at the American International Toy Fair here. The products are packaged in boxes with the familiar Fisher-Price logo and scallop Newport Carton trim, but the brightly colored lettering of Kiddicraft's brand name also is visible. The new line consists of simple toys that infants and toddlers can play with in the nursery,around the house and in the bathtub. All these items are decorated with primary colors,which appeal to small children, said Carol M. Blackley, director of public relations for Fisher-Price. The Kiddicraft line has many items that are strikingly similar to several old favorites from Fisher-Price. The British company's $3.50 to $8 stacking cups, for example, are similar to Rock-A-Stack,a Fisher-Price staple. Kiddicraft also Cigarettes For Sale Online has a toy for aspiring young executives, the Kiddi Car Phone. The play phone comes with a suction-cupped holding bracket, so it Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes can be attached to any smooth surface, including a car window. The British manufacturer is introducing two musical toys for toddlers. Happy Carton Cigarettes Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online Puppy consists of a dog house with a cute puppy inside,who rocks his head to the beat Cheap Newport Cigarettes of "How Much is that Doggie in the Window." The Hickory Dickory Clock has hands and eyes that move, as well as a mouse that pops up to Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes surprise infants. Both toys sell for about $12 each. Like Fisher-Price,the British manufacturer was founded in the 1930s. Its annual sales are about $18 million, compared with Fisher-Price's $845 million. "Kiddicraft boosts our preschool products," Fisher said, noting that Toy Fair buyers have enthusiastically greeted the product line from the new subsidiary.
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