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Created 22-Jun-2017
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Job Title Made in China
Description KUKA and the United States appeared on the same stage, originated in May 2016 that shocked the global market of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Germany KUKA and Switzerland ABB, Japan Yasukawa and Fanuco and said the global industrial robot "four giants" in Germany is regarded as "industrial 4.0" one of the leading enterprises, the annual sales of more than 20,000 units, 2015 Revenue of about 3 billion euros (equivalent to about 22 billion yuan), in the world with more than 12,000 Ultrafine Mill employees. In May 2016, Midea Group officially issued an offer to the KUKA Group. For a time the global market turmoil, some opponents claim that M & A would lead to the loss of technology that was seen as an important component of the German "Industrial 4.0" concept. There are also concerns that the Chinese control of the KUKA Group will make the management of the enterprise independent. Luo Tianli admitted that when Kuqa has indeed become the "focus of public discussion." But he believes that Midea and KUKA's acquisition is unique because both sides have reached a long-term agreement. In his view, the beauty of the acquisition will give Kuka employees benefit. "In 2016, KUKA's sales increased by 20%, you can see, KUKA's staff is still very dynamic, very serious, they did not because of this acquisition caused some controversy and energy dispersion. Open the door to the Chinese market, we can help the United States more efficient production, and we have new areas can be developed, so this is the two companies win-win situation, but also a win-win situation in China and Germany. "Luo Tianli said. In July 2016, the first major shareholder of KUKA announced the sale of shares held by the United States, the other shareholders also quickly accepted the US group tender offer; from August onwards, the acquisition has been the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy , The United States, Brazil, Mexico, the EU antitrust review. In December, through the US Foreign Investment Commission and the Defense Trade Control Council review, completed all the statutory decision-making and approval procedures.
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