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Created 17-Jul-2017
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Now, I should also point out that way too often I pick up the check regardless of the mindset of the adventure (be it romantic or friendship), but that just me. But what really gets me thinking more than I should is how many women actually walk into such an experience certain things paid for. That includes drinks at a bar. I was at a group outing one night not too long ago when a young woman I casually knew sauntered up to where I was sitting and joined me. Within a short bit of time, there was an expectation that I was going to pay for her next drink. And I started to think to myself: not dating this young woman, nor am I probably ever going to be dating her, yet she has every expectation that the next set of drinks will be paid for by me, just because our genders are different. At that moment, I was amazed at the brazen expectations people have, based off of ancient customs that have carried over into dynamics where they generally don fit any longer.

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